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If you own an Android device like smartphone or a tablet you will probably have Google Play Store already pre installed in your device. Usually Android OS is sold with some applications inbuilt. These include Google Play Store which is the marketplace to find Android apps of different categories.

download play store

Though there are other Android app marketplaces as well, you will surely love the Google Play Store that is the perfect source for different apps and is a reliable platform. With Google Play store download you can perform the following functions:

  • Search for apps of different categories.
  • Link your other Google accounts to Google Play Store.
  • Set up a secure account for payment.
  • Download paid or free apps from the store.
  • Get updates for downloaded apps from the store.

These are some of the several functions you can perform when you have Google Play Store on your phone or tablet. There might be instances when you might have uninstalled the app by mistake or wish to revert back to an old version of the application. On Android devices this can be achieved easily:

  • Enable download Google Play Store apk file by going to settings and checking the Enable Unknown Sources under Security tab.
  • This will allow you to download the apk file from other sources than Google Play Store which is the default download source for all apps.
  • Once the apk file of the latest version is found, click on the link.
  • Ignore the security warnings and proceed.
  • Once the apk file is downloaded allow the same to be installed.
  • Restart your phone or tablet and start using Google Play Store application.

This is the way to get Google Play Store working on any Android device. In case of other mobile devices like play store for blackberry, it is also possible, even if the Android OS is not present. The key is to install an Android emulator program first on the smartphone that you own. Once the Android OS is working, you will be able to get Google Play Store working on your smartphone or tablet as well as be able to download Android apps on your smartphone, be it an Apple or a Nokia phone. The steps to follow in other phones is mentioned below:

  • For iOS devices you might want to download Cydia or BlueStacks.
  • These are emulator programs that will get Android OS on your device.
  • Once the emulator program is up and running, you can download Android apps on it like Google Play Store.
  • The Nokia phones have similar Android emulator programs offered by Windows.
  • Seek them out to download the same on your Nokia phone.
  • Get Google Play Store and start enjoying Android apps on your non Android device.

There are many reasons you might want to explore the Google Play Store and have it on your mobile device. It will provide access to a wide range of paid and free Android apps. It is a marketplace that is the biggest and houses many popular apps. The world of Android apps is the fastest growing and most people want to get their hands on the popular apps.

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