Play Store Download for Tablet

The Google Play Store Download is one of the most popular resources on any Android device that gives you an option to explore millions of free and paid apps. But, there are a few Android devices that do not come with preloaded play store and you will need to download and install software to access Google Play Sore on such tablet.

play store for tablet download

Setting The Tablet For Play Store For Android Download

Go to the Settings option in your tablet. Scroll down to reach Security options and tap on it. Then locate unknown sources option and tap on it.
You need to tap on the verify apps option in the Security settings to give permission for the app to get downloaded on your PC computer.
If you have a device that runs on earlier versions of Android than the 4.0 version, then tap on Settings, then check Applications and then tap on unknown sources. Click on the OK button when you get a popup alert to play store download for tablet.

Downloading The Play Store App

  1. You will now need to find the Android package file (APK). APK is the way Android apps are distributed and installed.
  2. You should make sure that you download APK files only from trusted companies and developers.

Process To Get Play Store Download App

  • It would be ideal that you download APK file on your tablet rather than getting it downloaded to your computer and then transferring it to your tablet via USB cable. If your tablet does not support Wi-Fi, then you will have to utilize the transfer from computer option.
  • Use your Android browser to download APK file.
  • Visit your app drawer and tap on downloads to find the file that you have just downloaded.
  • Open this file and install the Google Play Store app on your tablet.
  • Once installed, tap on the app to access the Play Store.

Play Store Download for Android

There are millions and millions of apps that you can get on your Android devices if you have the Google Play Store installed on your device. Some of these apps are free, whereas some are paid apps. You need a Google account to access the play store and this can be your existing Gmail account email address and password.

play store for android download

Play Store Free

All you need is to tap on the Play Store Download app on your home screen or check out the app drawer on your Android device.

You will be coming across a list of millions of apps that are segregated into various categories like ‘staff picks’. ‘most downloads’, ‘games’ and so on.

You can choose any of the apps that you like and follow the instructions given on the app page to get it downloaded to your Android device.

Play Store Download for Android

  1. Download the latest version of the Android package file or APK on your computer from a trusted source.
  2. Connect the Android device to your PC using USB cable and transfer the downloaded APK file to your Android device.
  3. All you need to do is to install the ES File Explorer that you find in the new APK file and this will allow you to open the app and then find the Play Store app to access the app.

Play Store Download For Samsung with Wi-Fi connectivity

  • Open the web browser in your Wi-Fi connected Android device and look for the latest APK file to download on your device.
  • Tap on the Settings menu and tap on Security options and then check on Unknown sources to allow the download of the APK file.
  • Once the file is downloaded, tap on it to install it in the device.
  • Open the installed file ad click on Play Store app to explore millions of apps.

Play Store Download for Blackberry

Present day lifestyle requires more interaction with your mobile phone and there are app stores which offer many free downloads of apps ranging from fun, entertainment and even for more serious things in life. Play store download for blackberry will help to fulfill many of your needs.

play store for blackberry download

Play Store Download for Blackberry

  • The play store download for blackberry is in great demand and the apps are helping the users to get benefited by these downloads.
  • There is a new app called Snap which helps you to access Google play store directly foe download needs. The snap is specially designed for the interface of Blackberry.
  • The snap is a free app which mimics the function of Play store and provides access to all the Android apps.

Install Play Store App Free

  1. You will have to download and install the Google chrome extension first.
  2. Now download the Snap app to your computer and store it
  3. Go to the settings of the Black berry and in the development mode. Note the IP address provided. Provide a new password as well.
  4. Connect your blackberry to the computer using the micro-USB cable.
  5. Open Google chrome and visit Make sure that the IP address given during development is same as the IP here.
  6. Ignore the notification that the security certificate of the site is not trusted. If error notifications are coming, try reconnecting the device using a different USB port.
  7. Go to chrome extension setting and enter the new IP address. Your anti-virus programs should be disabled to make the process smooth.
  8. Enter the device password on the page loaded. Click on “install Apps” option and select the Snap BAR file.
  9. Once selected, the file will start installing. “Result Success” indicates that the process is done.

Access Google Play Store download

After you sideload the Snap, you can open the app and provide the Google login to start using it to access the Play Store. You can search for the apps from Play Store and select the apps after going through the information.

Play Store Download for PC

It is not possible to download the latest games and apps to your PC as the play store think that the device you use is outdated or incompatible. You can install the apps from the Google play store for PC by moving them to the device memory using android apps APK files. Once you have the APK files there is no need for you to re-downloading the app when you need them.

play store for pc download

Play Store Download Free

  • Go to Official APK Download Web page and paste the URL of the Google play store app in the space provided click on the “Generate Download” button to create the link.
  • Sometimes this link may not work due to the limited number of downloadable APK apps. You can use APK Downloader chrome extension in such cases.

Play Store Download for PC

  • Open your Google Chrome Browser on your PC and go to the Extension link and Click on Free
  • Once the extension is added on your chrome go to Tools and click on Extension -> Search for APK Downloader and finally click on the options box. This will redirect you to APK Downloader option.

Fill In Your Details For Play Store Free Download

You will need to fill in your Google Play store download free account details such as your email address, password and Google Service Framework ID Key. After providing all the details needed, click on “Sign In” button and you are ready to get the apps from the Google play store. Now Open the App link that you want to download from play store to your system.  You will be able to see the new icon in the top of the URL.  To start downloading the app, click on the icon.

Play Store for Samsung

If you have recently bought a Samsung Smartphone or a Samsung tablet, then you need not worry about downloading Google Play Store app on your Samsung device to access your favorite games or music apps or informational apps offered by Google Play Store.

play store for samsung download

Download Play Store App Free

The following are the steps that you need to follow to download play store apps on your Samsung phone or tablet.

  • On your Samsung device home screen, tap on the Applications option.
  • Scroll and tap on Android Apps on Google Play. Scroll and touch the required option that you want to browse (e.g. Games).
  • Scroll and touch the required game that you want to play or download.
  • Tap on download and then tap on “Accept and Download” to commence the downloading of the game on your device.
  • The game will be installed on your Samsung device.

Play Store for Samsung

If your Samsung tablet or Smartphone does not come with an inbuilt lay Store app, then you can easily get it on your Samsung device by following these simple steps.

  • Open Notifications and go to Settings. Scroll up and down to find the unknown sources option and tap on enable unknown sources to enable it.
  • Open your browser and search for APK files to download on your device directly. Make sure that download the file only from a trusted source.
  • Once the download of APK file is complete, you need to install it clicking on the download notifications.

Using The Play Store Free For Android

  • By default The Google Play Store will be installed in the download folder.
  •  Browse the folder and locate the Google Play Store app. Click on it and you will be able to access Play Store apps.