Play Store Download for PC

It is not possible to download the latest games and apps to your PC as the play store think that the device you use is outdated or incompatible. You can install the apps from the Google play store for PC by moving them to the device memory using android apps APK files. Once you have the APK files there is no need for you to re-downloading the app when you need them.

play store for pc download

Play Store Download Free

  • Go to Official APK Download Web page and paste the URL of the Google play store app in the space provided click on the “Generate Download” button to create the link.
  • Sometimes this link may not work due to the limited number of downloadable APK apps. You can use APK Downloader chrome extension in such cases.

Play Store Download for PC

  • Open your Google Chrome Browser on your PC and go to the Extension link and Click on Free
  • Once the extension is added on your chrome go to Tools and click on Extension -> Search for APK Downloader and finally click on the options box. This will redirect you to APK Downloader option.

Fill In Your Details For Play Store Free Download

You will need to fill in your Google Play store download free account details such as your email address, password and Google Service Framework ID Key. After providing all the details needed, click on “Sign In” button and you are ready to get the apps from the Google play store. Now Open the App link that you want to download from play store to your system.  You will be able to see the new icon in the top of the URL.  To start downloading the app, click on the icon.

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