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Are you looking to enjoy Google Play Store on your PC? This virtual marketplace for Android apps provides files that are of APK extension. As a result one cannot use such files directly on their PC. Even if you can view the apps available on Play Store, you cannot download the same onto your PC or run them directly. That is because the files are programmed to run on the Android platform and not on your PC operating system which is usually Windows or Mac.


In such cases, if you still wish to run the Google Play Store app or the marketplace application on your PC you need to download an Android emulator program first. One such reliable program is Bluestacks. This will help you get any kind of Android program that you wish to run on your PC including the Google Play Store.

Download Play Store for different devices

When it comes to downloading Play Store for Android device like here it is easily done. You could download the APK file Play Store in the following way:

  • Google Play Store file can be found in reliable sites online.
  • You could visit your mobile browser.
  • Find the APK file for Google Play.
  • Click on the download link.
  • Allow the download to complete and then install the same on your smartphone or tablet.

When it comes to downloading Google Play Store for iPhone that might be difficult. There are certain components of Google Play that are available for download. This can be done in the following way:

  • There are select apps of Google Play available for free download on iTunes.
  • These are apps like Google Music, Google Movies & TV.
  • You can download these apps for free through iTunes.
  • They are apps that will run on your iPhone easily without needing an emulator program.

If you own a Blackberry or Nokia phone running on Windows you can opt for Google Play Store app in the following way:

  1. You need to download an emulator program like Bluestacks for your mobile device.
  2. Once the emulator program is running on your device you can then download the Google Play Store app on it.
  3. The Google Play Store app will work on the emulator program and allow you to download other apps as well.

Hence, even if you own a device that does not work on Android, you can create a simulator environment on which you can download and use Play Store.

If you own a tablet that runs on Android operating system it is easy to get Google Play Store on it if it is not installed from before. You can easily install it manually by following the steps below:

  • Visit the mobile browser and search for the Play Store APK file.
  • Find the latest version for download.
  • Click on the download and check the location where the file is stored.
  • Install the file manually.

The above process can be followed for other Google devices like Chromebook or Pixel. You can even follow the same process for Kindle Fire. Even though it is an Amazon product, it is based on the Android operating system. Hence, downloading and running the Google Play Store app on your Kindle Fire tablet will not be a problem as the operating system is compatible with the same. Most Google devices like Pixel and Chromebook come with pre installed Google Play apps.

How to update Google Play Store?

Like all other apps, your Play Store also needs to be updated from time to time. Usually all apps that are downloaded through Play Store are also updated through this marketplace. If you are looking to update Play Store you can follow the steps mentioned below:


  1. Visit the Settings page where the App manager section is present.
  2. In the App update section you will find the list of apps that need to be updated.
  3. If you find the Google Play Store pending updation, you can switch on your data connectivity and update the same.
  4. In general you will find the settings of the app to be such that updation occurs after a set interval whenever WiFi connection is found.

In case there is a problem with the app functions, you might want to install the latest version in order to recover from the glitches that are found. You could visit the App Manager section and find the app for Google Play Store. Disable or force stop the application. You might want to clear the cache and download the latest version through the web browser. You can then update the application and it should help to remove the glitches that you might find.

How to Open my Play Store?

If you are looking to open Play Store, it is easily done if it is pre installed on your device. Most Android based smartphones and tablets have the app already installed on the device. If you have just started to use a mobile device and want to get started in downloading apps, you would need to get started with Google Play Store. That is mainly because most Android devices are programmed to run applications through Play Store. In order to start using Google Play follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Click on the Google Play icon.
  • When it opens you would be prompted to login.
  • You need to have an existing Google account in order to start downloading apps through the Play store.
  • If you have an existing Google account enter the details such as Gmail address you own.
  • Once your username and password get validated you will be able to start browsing the different sections for apps.
  • You will find free apps as well or paid apps in different categories.
  • Once you click on an app or purchase the same, the Play Store will make the download happen as long as your data connectivity is on or there is WiFi connection.

The above steps will help you to start off with App Play Store. Once you start finding your apps through this store you will also get to update the apps from time to time through this app. The app provides notification as to when an app gets downloaded, when it needs to be updated and so forth. You could also get personalized notifications of new apps that have arrived as per your interests and preferences.

Error in Google Play Store

From time to time you might find errors showing up in Google Play functions. The common error codes and how to fix them are enumerated below:


  • You might get the error code as DF-BPA-09 purchasing error. This might come when you are trying to download apps. In order to get it fixed you need to go to Settings menu on your device. Here you need to find the Applications Manager. When you find Google Services Framework here you need to clear data and then click on OK.
  • The other kind of error that might come on could be an error called 194. You might face this error when you are trying to download games or different apps from Google Play Store. You might be able to fix the issue if you clear out the cache data for Google Play services as well as Play Store. This can be done by visiting the Applications Manager section in Settings and then tapping on Force Stop. You will then find the option to clear data.
  • Many errors come up if the latest Play Store apk file is not being used. You need to update your Google Play app and ensure that the latest version is working. That will help to fix the issue.
  • Error 495 is another common error code that many people experience when they are trying to download or update apps from Google Play Store. You need to visit Settings in your phone and then move onto Apps. Here you will find Google Play Store. Choose to clear data from the app.
  • Error 941 is another kind of interruption that often occurs when an update happens. In such a case you need to visit Settings section of your phone. Here you will find the clear cache option when you come onto Google Play Store app. You can also find download manager application here and choose to clear cache here as well. After you do these steps you can then try the updation process. It should work fine when the previous steps are done correct.

Fix Problems in App Google Play

Most of the problems in Play Store platform occur when the version you are using is outdated. Keep in mind that the apps you try to download are usually of the latest version. Hence, there would be a discrepancy which in turn might show up as error messages. Error messages come in Google Play in the following instances:

  • When you are trying to download an app.
  • When you are trying to update apps.


You need to address the error problems by trying to clear the cache data that accumulates in the app folder. This can be done in the following way:

  • Visit the Settings section in your phone.
  • Here you will find the Applications section.
  • Visit the applications manager section and clear the cache data.
  • The other option is to visit Google Play Services and Google Play Store.
  • Choose to clear cache data here.
  • Once these steps are completed you can resume the download or update as required

The above solution usually works when you face error messages while trying to download or update apps. In other cases you might want to update Google Play version. If the latest version is not working or there is a glitch in it, you might want to wait till the next version is released and update with the same. You could also try to disable or force the application in which case the application goes back to factory mode. You can also try to install the application manually and update to the latest version. These are steps that often help to remove the problems that show up Play Store.

Best Apps in Play Store

Are you wondering what kind of apps you can find in the Google Play Store? There are thousands of segments and categories to browse through in this store. You will find two major categories in which the apps and entertainment files are offered. The main section on apps and games is what Google Play Store originally focused upon. The different sections here are as follows:

  • You will find apps listed in different categories as per their function.
  • Games are also listed as top selling, popular, free and as per genres.
  • You will find customized offerings as per your download preferences.

When you wish to download Play Store apps or games, you simply need to use the search button or scroll through the listings. Once you find the app or game you want, click on the same and choose to download. The apps or games that come for a fee need to be paid for before you can download these files. You can easily link your credit card details or select from the other payment options provided. Once you save your payment source details you can directly get your purchase billed and not have to enter the details every time.


The other section deals with music, movies and books. This section can also be browsed through separately through Google Music, Google Books or Google Play. Here you will further segregation of the different sections. Movies offer international and regional choices, popular and latest releases and so forth. You will find these files available for download at reasonable prices. As a result, you could download the movies as per your choice and watch them at your leisure. The same works for shows, trailers and other entertainment media files like music videos. With Google books not only can you find books as per your choice and preference but find the right reading format as well on this app.

Google Play Store is the number one virtual marketplace for Android apps of all kinds. At the time when the market started to be formed, Play Store started as the main forum where one can get apps of all kinds for Android devices. That is a trend that continues even today and it is still the largest database or collection of apps for Android tablets or smartphones. Android apps are developed based on the Android operating system which is an open source platform. For that reason, developers across the world work on different apps for this platform. Google Play Store acts as the main forum where one can reliably showcase their apps, either for free download or for a fee. The marketplace offers a lucrative platform for both groups, the developers of Android apps as well as those who are looking to download apps for their Android devices.

Today no mobile device is complete without apps. You need apps for checking your emails, for listening to music, for monitoring fitness goals, locating directions and performing several other activities such as finding your favorite restaurant, booking a movie, ordering in food and so forth. With such requirements most Android phones are nowadays sold with several Android apps pre installed. The Google apps are standard applications that are provided in most Android phones as Android platform is promoted by Google. For that reason, chances are that Google Play Store will already be installed on your phone, especially if you own an Android phone or tablet. However you might want to access Android apps even if you own a mobile phone or tablet of another platform such as that of Apple or Blackberry. Here is a guide on how to download the Play Store onto your device in case you do not have it already on your smartphone or tablet.

Google Play Store allows you to save items you wish to download or purchase later as part of your wish list. You can even add on items on your cart for later purchase. The gift cards that Google Play offers through different retail stores can be redeemed for purchases through Google Play Store.

Play Store gift Cards

With the exciting collection of apps, games, movies, music, videos, books and other downloads available on Google Play, most of us are tempted to purchase the wanted shows, latest releases and so forth. Indeed, youngsters are attracted to these downloads the most. If you wish to make a loved one happy, why not offer a Play Store gift card to them?

That is a wonderful way to help them find the kind of files they like and download the same without having to worry about the price. Those who are looking at knowing more about gift cards and where to purchase them will find the related information online as well as on the Play Store app:

  • You could visit Google on your web browser and type in gift cards for Play store.
  • You will be led to a page where you will get to know the different ways you can use the gift card coupons.
  • You will also find a list of retail stores close to you where such coupons are readily available.
  • The same information can also be found on your Google Play Store app.
  • Visit the top left hand section to check out the gift cards section.
  • You will find necessary information as well as how to redeem the cards.

In general, the gift cards come of a certain amount or value. You can find out more when you approach a retail store where these are available. As per the amounts available you could purchase a gift card. The gift cards usually come of certain value. Once you purchase a gift card of a certain valuation you can then proceed to redeem the same through the Google Play app on your phone or tablet. Many people often gift play-store-gift-cardstheir loved ones such a gift card. They will find that the gift card can be redeemed for any kind of purchase on Google Play. Hence, if your loved one is interested in books, movies, music or games, he or she can download different items till the total amount value is reached. This is definitely a wonderful way to offer something to a youngster who will love such downloads.

At the time of purchase of a gift card or before you hand over such a card to a loved one you need to figure out the date till when the card would be valid. Usually gift cards have a validity date. At the time of purchase you need to look at the date of validity given on the card. Google Play cards are great and can be redeemed as and when one feels like. At the same time, the apps and entertainment files are available for playing on phones and tablets of different resolution formats. Hence, you need not worry about such factors at the time of downloading Google Play apps through the gift cards.

Play Store has become a versatile marketplace for all kinds of apps for Android devices. You can make the most of the popular free apps that are easily available on Play Store. It is also a trusted marketplace for apps. Hence, you need not worry about spam or malware coming in with apps when you download from this app interface. For this reliability Google Play has gained popularity not only in Android devices but also for other non Android platforms. Again, the wide genres of games, apps and other entertainment files offered on this platform surpass the other app services of others. It being an open field where apps of different kinds can be marketed, Google Play offers limitless opportunities to developers and app marketers. The app is easy to download, is lightweight and reliable and often gives few problems to users. It is also the one place where you can update all your apps.

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