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Play Store Download for Blackberry

Present day lifestyle requires more interaction with your mobile phone and there are app stores which offer many free downloads of apps ranging from fun, entertainment and even for more serious things in life. Play store download for blackberry will help to fulfill many of your needs.

play store for blackberry download

Play Store Download for Blackberry

  • The play store download for blackberry is in great demand and the apps are helping the users to get benefited by these downloads.
  • There is a new app called Snap which helps you to access Google play store directly foe download needs. The snap is specially designed for the interface of Blackberry.
  • The snap is a free app which mimics the function of Play store and provides access to all the Android apps.

Install Play Store App Free

  1. You will have to download and install the Google chrome extension first.
  2. Now download the Snap app to your computer and store it
  3. Go to the settings of the Black berry and in the development mode. Note the IP address provided. Provide a new password as well.
  4. Connect your blackberry to the computer using the micro-USB cable.
  5. Open Google chrome and visit Make sure that the IP address given during development is same as the IP here.
  6. Ignore the notification that the security certificate of the site is not trusted. If error notifications are coming, try reconnecting the device using a different USB port.
  7. Go to chrome extension setting and enter the new IP address. Your anti-virus programs should be disabled to make the process smooth.
  8. Enter the device password on the page loaded. Click on “install Apps” option and select the Snap BAR file.
  9. Once selected, the file will start installing. “Result Success” indicates that the process is done.

Access Google Play Store download

After you sideload the Snap, you can open the app and provide the Google login to start using it to access the Play Store. You can search for the apps from Play Store and select the apps after going through the information.

Play Store Download for Blackberry

It is possible to get the Play Store download for blackberry as the Blackberry offers the ability to download and install the APK files for Android apps.  The Snap application makes the process simpler for the users.  The APK files obtained from Snap will be safe and secure as it is the front end of the Play Store.

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Play Store Download for Blackberry 

The snap is an advanced method and needs to be sideloaded to the blackberry. Once the snap is set -up it is easy for the end-user to install the APK files to the blackberry device.

  1. First of all download and install the Google chrome search engine in your PC
  2. Open Google Chrome and install the chrome  extension on your computer
  3. Now download the Snap BAR file and place it in easily accessible place in  the computer.
  4. Enable development mode on blackberry by going to settings and turning on the development mode. Note the IP address provided and create a password if required.
  5. Connect  USB cable to your device and connect  device with the computer.

Set The IP Wherever Necessary To Get Play Store Free Download

  1. Open Google chrome and visit If you find a different IP from what you obtained during development, then replace the IP with the IP provided during development.
  2. You may see an SSL error page, try reconnecting the device or use a different USB port.
  3. You will have to go to Google chrome extension setting and enter the new IP there also if needed. Make sure that anti- virus programs are disabled while doing this.
  4. Once the page gets loaded, enter the device password. Now you can go to the install “Apps” option on the right hand corner and click it. You will have the file explorer window opened.
  5. Select the Snap BAR file you have downloaded. Now Snap will start installing. When sideloading process is finished, you will see “Result Success”. Now disconnect the device from the computer.

You Are Ready To Install Play Store App

With the Snap sideloaded to the device, you can start installing the play store app by giving your Google login. If you don’t have a Google account, create one and start downloading.