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Play Store Download For Kindle Fire

Kindle fire is an Android tablet which has Amazon store instead of the Play Store. Sometimes, a kindle fire user may need more apps than what is available on the Amazon store.  A technique called rooting the kindle fire makes Play Store download possible on this tablet.

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Play Store Download Free

Download the root software and store it in a convenient location in your computer. Now connect the kindle fire to PC using USB and unplug the kindle.

Now download and install kindle ADB drivers from the XDA developer forum.
Open the security menu and set “Enable ADB” option on.
Again connect the kindle fire to the computer and wait for the drives to get installed.
Now open the root with the file you have downloaded earlier and select the needed option from the menu.
Create backup by clicking on “Backup My Data”. Now click on “Restore My Data” and click any key on the computer when the process gets finished.
Allow the kindle to reboot and unlock the device and again wait to reboot. Once it reboots, open the app drawer and look for the Super user app.

Play Store Download For Kindle Fire

You will need to download many Google APK files to download and install play store. Download the latest versions of APKs and transfer to the kindle storage by connecting to the computer. To transfer files you need to open the ES file explorer and set the options to “RW”. Now start installing the APKs by navigating to the location of copied APKs. Install the files in the order

  • Account And Sync Setting
  • Services framework
  • Google login service
  • Google play service

Once the above APKs are installed, reboot.

Play Store Free

  1. Once transferring the above APKs navigate back and copy vending.apk. Paste this in the System or app folder. Reboot your device again.
  2. Now you can install play store by opening ES file explorer and navigating to Play Store APK that you have already downloaded.
  3. Tap the file to start installation. After installation is complete, reboot the device. You will have to login with Google account.

Here you can download app Play Store for Google in Android phone. Click here to download also in iOS device like tablet or iPhone mobile this link.